Bitcoin Loophole Review

Support TypesEmail, Chat
Min. Deposit$250
Demo AccountsOpen FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsCredit Card, Neteller, Web Money, BitCoin, eWallet
No. of Assets60+
Overall Score9.4/10


Advancement in technology has made online financial trading a lot easier than before. Today it is even possible to utilize the capabilities of a trading robot and get your hands on trading opportunities that are created in the marketplace.

Bitcoin Loophole is an example of an excellent trading tool. Created by Steve McKay, it boasts of features and attributes that make trading less risky and more profitable.

In this review, we will look at the different aspects of Bitcoin Loophole. So read on and learn what makes it different and why we recommend it.

Bitcoin Loophole Trading Robot Features

As we mentioned before, Bitcoin Loophole is an automated trading system that allows investing in cryptocurrencies on autopilot. The software uses scalping trading strategy, providing analysis of ultra-short-term timeframes, it has comparatively frequent entries during active market hours, and laser accuracy in trade execution. Bitcoin Loophole cryptocurrency trading robot works with several open positions simultaneously, but it does not hold deals for a long time, cutting losses automatically. That approach is impossible for human traders, especially in the scope of quick reaction on changing market conditions. The trading algorithm generates quite a large number of trading signals, but the option of manual orders execution is unavailable as most of the signals must be executed instantly, otherwise, the risk of loss gets higher.

Trading robots such as Bitcoin Loophole can make money in both market directions, i.e. in times when the price is going up or down. Bitcoin Loophole actually works best when the prices of Bitcoin are highly volatile, as such market conditions present many more opportunities to profit from short term price moves. By making a large number of small trades and holding them for a short time, Bitcoin Loophole is aiming at average to make more winning trades than losing ones in order to close the day in profit. That is why trade accuracy is so important and it has been around 70-75% for Bitcoin Loophole robot.

One of the key advantages of Bitcoin Loophole is that beginner investors can easily use it without any prior investment experience. The trading platform has a very user-friendly interface and intuitive design. It only displays the most important settings and trading room view with the rest of the operations run at the background.

Another reason why Bitcoin Loophole is so popular among individual investors is that it works with CFD brokers, meaning you can start investing with as little as $25 per trade and $1oo minimum deposit. The way CFD works is that you don’t invest in the underlying asset (like on crypto exchange) but rather making a financial bet on the price move. Because you do not buy the whole digital asset which would require significant capital commitment, you only need to put enough money to cover the potential move in the price. While the initial investment is small, investors will still benefit from the full price upside which makes Return on Investment considerably higher. But you also have to remember about potential losses. Investing is a high-risk business and you should not invest more than you are prepared to lose.

Depending on your location, Bitcoin Loophole will automatically select and open an account for you with the best available CFD broker in your country, so you don’t have to go through this process twice, As we have been writing this Bitcoin Loophole review from the UK, we have been connected to the Kodimax, a CFD Broker registered in Bulgaria. Kodimax is a specialist cryptocurrency broker which operates a cutting edge trading platform and allows connectivity to the Bitcoin Loophole via an API. While this CFD broker is not regulated, we understand that it operates in the crypto market which is not regulated in general. But it is located and complies with all the laws in the EU so that gives us additional comfort. The broker operates 24/7 support in different languages and offers fast trade execution speed and competitive spreads. It is good to know that Bitcoin Loophole works with a strong CFD broker but in reality, you won’t be using the platform too much. All the trading can be run from the Bitcoin Loophole trading dashboard and you will only need to monitor your position occasionally as all the trading will be done on autopilot.

The broker’s trading room has additional options for experienced users to trade manually including chart tool, list of assets available to trade with statistics data. Cryptocurrency investors can use this advantage for long-term investments in the crypto market, as well as for analysis and predictions. The platform gives a wide choice of additional analysis and trading instruments. Here is how the broker’s trading room looks like.

Is BitCoin Secret Loophole App a Scam?

You don’t need a messiah to conclude the bitcoin secret loophole scam app is totally scam. If it wasn’t, why isn’t there a genuine marketing process, why don’t they have an office that’s easily accessible? Why don’t they do media tours and show the whole the method and algorithm used by the system to actually achieve the supposed service they claim they offer? The bitcoin secret loophole method generally is recycled and with the software platform uses robots so all the talk of helping you trade and make profit is false because they have robots which are basically programmed to do what they wish and in reality, the creators are just out to make cash and don’t really care about you, double scam!

So it’s important to beware that the whole bitcoin secret loophole app and platform is a cryptocurrency trading scam. It is not legit, it might seem like it is but I have tested it and it’s not. As I mentioned in my BitCoin Secret Loophole review, It is just a well-played scam. If you test the system yourself, you’ll find out that during the advertisement of the loophole system, there’s a lot that is said about it, what it can do and will do, but after using the app or software for a period of time, you’ll discover that none of what they say is true. They do pretty well with adverts and all the convincing videos but the bitcoin secret loophole scam platform is not a genuine and honest system.

Is Bitcoin Loophole a Scam?

No. This is a legitimate automation software for cryptocurrency trading. The process is based on ethical trading strategies. There is nothing illegal involved. Therefore, using this software and making money would not land you in trouble. You should, however, understand the regulations in your country or state regarding crypto trading in general. Also, the taxation terms on the income you make from such trading bots might vary from one place to another.

What are the Best Features of Bitcoin Loophole?

  • The hassle-free deposit and withdrawal processes make this trading bot easy to work with. It also has a smooth interface that anyone without trading knowledge would be able to understand.
  • The profits you make can be transferred to your linked bank account in a few simple steps. This process works like a charm.
  • The customer care team of Bitcoin Loophole is also very responsive. They answer all the queries about using the software. If you face any issues in the deposit or withdrawal stages you get immediate response from the customer care team.
  • The software works by connecting your trading account with brokers. The locally available brokers who have been verified by the team would be involved in trading. Therefore you can be assured that your money is invested based on efficient trading strategies.
  • One of the best features of this software is that it can be accessed from any device. You would not have to download the software. Therefore your data is saved in your account in the cloud. You can access information about your account or even track your trading activities from anywhere and at any time.

Bitcoin Loophole – Final Verdict

You might come across claims that you can make thousands of dollars in days. If you do not believe such claims and if you trade with realistic hopes out of the bot, Bitcoin Loophole is a good tool to try.

Crypto trading in all forms has some risks. Tools like this are popular because they make use of trading strategies that lower the risks and increase the chances of making profits.
This is how you get to earn good money with such trading bots. You cannot get rich overnight but you can definitely add a significant source of secondary income with this tool.

RobotBitCoin Loophole
Official Website
Support TypesEmail, Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Open FREE DemoOpen FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsCredit Card, Neteller, Web Money, BitCoin, eWallet
Number of Assets60+
Overall Score3.9/5