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How it works

As we have mentioned above, Immediate Edge app is an automated trading tool that scans the market within seconds and finds the best trading opportunities. It was developed based on a sophisticated algorithm which makes it one of the most accurate trading robot in the market. Immediate Edge app is profitable for both beginners or expert traders. You don’t need to be a trading guru to use this trading robot and make profits. Thanks to its automated function all you need to do is to create an account, deposit and the app will place trades on your behalf with an accuracy level of above 89%. You have to spend only some minutes per day to check your trading settings. The purpose of trading robots is to help inexperienced traders earn money as expert traders do. Even if you don’t know anything about online trading you can generate great income using the Immediate Edge app.

The Immediate Edge website advertises that you can make a profit of $950-$2,200. We have tested the robot with only $250 and that’s why our profit is just $176. If you invest more the chances to have high returns are bigger. We recommend you to start with the minimum investment until you get used to the platform.

Is Immediate Edge Better than other Robots?

There’s no doubt that this trading robot has some major advantages over its competitors. Immediate Edge app integrates with some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, and some of the most reliable robots brokers in the industry. Furthermore, the bot claims to use an artificial intelligence algorithm that can crack the markets with an accuracy rate of 88%.

Immediate Edge and Celebrities

The Immediate Edge app was often rumored online to have been endorsed by celebrities. Let’s take a look to see if any of these rumors are true.

Holly Willoughby

Christiano Ronaldo

Alex Ferguson

So, is Immediate Edge a Scam or is it Legit?

Following our review, we can confirm that the Immediate Edge trading robot appears to be completely legit and we do not find Immediate Edge to be a scam. From our investigation, we have found many users who claimed that this platform is highly accurate and the Immediate Edge team protects its users in all aspects of their operation.

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Is Immediate Edge a scam or legit?

Following our review, Immediate Edge appears as a very legit trading robot. It is highly transparent and offers an excellent customer service.

How much do I need to invest to start trading with Immediate Edge?

You’ll need at least $250 to start trading with this robot.

Can I lose money?

Yes. Like any other investment, automated trading robots carry a certain amount of risk so you should start trading with a relatively small amount of capital.

How much can I make with Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge reports on their website that traders can expect a profit between $950 to $2200 per day. The bot also claims to have a daily profit of up to 50% on your account balance.

Can I withdraw earnings from Immediate Edge?

Yes you can. Immediate Edge allows you to withdraw funds whenever you want. You’ll have to fill in the withdrawal request form and you receive the money within 1-3 days.

How to get started with Immediate Edge

We registered an account to complete our review of the Immediate Edge auto trading platform. This was an easy process, and we were happy about it because if it is easy to create an account, more people can use the system to become financially comfortable.

Here are the steps to create an Immediate Edge trading account:

  1. Account Registration

We got instant access to the auto trading platform by entering the username, email, and phone number. This information was passed through a short verification, and we were ready to start.

Please note that every investor is required to create a password, for this process, we suggest that you should use an alphanumeric password which is more secure.

  1. How to Make a Deposit

We tested the Immediate Edge auto trader after making a deposit of $250, we decided to deposit the minimum value accepted on the site for this test, it is the best approach for new investors.

On the deposit page, we found different payment options available. We could make deposits by using bank cards for MasterCard, Visa, or other payment platforms such as PayPal, Skrill, and other options.

It was so easy to make a deposit, and the process was completed in seconds.

  1. Demo Trading

We advise everyone to use the demo trading feature as many times as possible. It is a trading platform on Immediate Edge that can be used to study how auto trading systems work. And it works without the use of free money. The demo trading feature can be used many times to get a better understanding of how trading robots make investors richer.

  1. Live Trading

Our live trading session was quite short, so we did three more sessions. We made the sessions quite short of ensuring that we were able to document the accurate processes for our analysis later. All we needed to do to start making money with Immediate Edge was to click on the tab to activate the live trading feature. Next, the trading robots did all the work while we closely observed how the auto trading system works.

Our experience with Immediate Edge has been really good, we have seen that the developers invested resources in ensuring that all users of the auto trader will earn a profit daily.

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Immediate Edge Bot is a fully automated trading robot that is very effective in helping users who trade on cryptocurrency to gain profits. Immediate Edge bot is very reliable in providing users with the much-needed platform to make money while dealing in cryptocurrency.

The use of automatic cryptocurrency trading platforms is a new invention that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. However, some persons hold some reservations and skepticism because it is entirely automatic, and its operation is controlled by the design algorithms.

For those who are ardent followers of cryptocurrency news on social media, you may have seen several testimonials of people who have benefited from using these trading bots and have made huge profits with the help of the Immediate Edge Bot.

There are over a thousand trading bots software where cryptocurrency trading can be carried out. However, we will be reviewing one of the best-automated trading bots available, of which the Immediate Edge bot stands out.

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For beginners to cryptocurrency, you may find this review very educative. If you are used to trading in cryptocurrency, you may also learn new things about the Immediate Edge bot trading platform.